FREE Four Day Sales Masterclass – Double, or Triple Your Sales

Four 1.5 hour sessions delivered over four days that will supercharge your sales skills to a whole new level ▶ Do NOT miss this event!

Have you ever wanted to run a business, have fun and make more money?

For 95% of small and medium sized companies worldwide, SALES can be one of the most challenging parts of running a successful business!

Running a business should be one of the most fun, dynamic and exciting things you will ever do in your life- however without the ability to generate and grow your sales it can often be a painful experience.

At this event we’ll be covering:

  • The 4 Key pillars to generating sales in any industry
  • How to increase your sales turnover by 300% in 6 months
  • How to close clients faster
  • How to close 500% more leads
  • The secrets behind a strong sales process
  • Most importantly how to have fun with your business and build a machine that can work without you needing to be the main sales person!


The event is run in 4 sessions, starting 18th July. All sessions same time each day.

9pm Singapore; 5pm Dubai; 4pm Bahrain/Saudi; 2pm London; 9am New York; 8am Chicago/Houston; 6am Los Angeles

  • Sales Attitude – 18th July
  • Sales Strategy – 19th July
  • Sales Process – 20th July
  • Sales Pitch – 21st July

An opportunity not to be missed!

This event is right for you if:

  • You run your own business
  • Your serious about growing your client base
  • You’d be excited to make more money
  • Your looking for a way to generate more leads

The HyperGrowth sales system uncovered… This is our entire sales system taught in detail. With a unique sales process, massive lead generation system, deep dive into sales pitch and a system we use to maintain a positive attitude, these sessions are the pillars you need to massively increase your sales.

Can’t wait to see you on our 4 day sales masterclass!! The event is delivered through the HyperGrowth Academy, completely FREE to sign up and use.

The four day event is held on the 18th through 21st July and is delivered in four 1.5 hour sessions.

Instructions to get the Zoom links for the sessions:


STEP 1: Register an account on HyperGrowth Academy:

Sign Up to the HyperGrowth Academy if you don’t already have an account:


STEP 2: Add each session to your calendar!

Click each link in turn and then the RSVP button on each event AND “Add to Calendar

All sessions start each day: 9pm Singapore; 5pm Dubai; 4pm Bahrain/Saudi; 2pm London; 9am New York; 8am Chicago/Houston; 6am Los Angeles

Sales Attitude, 18th July

Sales Strategy, 19th July

Sales Process, 20th July

Sales Pitch, 21st July


Why are all these sessions free you ask!? My personal ambition is to train 1,000 people in sales this year, and in doing so create a community of like minded small business owners who all share drive and passion to double their revenue. My thinking is if I can give this much value into the Universe then the Universe will look after me. That simple really!


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