Quality leads from key decision makers

Congratulations! You have just found a 100% unique lead generation service

This solution does the heavy lifting of lead generation for you, getting you consistent, high-quality leads from key decision makers.

Where we excel is helping small B2B service led companies reach a global market.

We do the work while you sleep

7 out of 10 business say that their greatest sales challenge is getting high quality leads. Finding leads, whilst running a business, can be a daunting challenge. This service uses outbound email, outbound LinkedIn and a monthly webinar to generate targeted, hot, leads for you. It’s completely unique to us and these three channels are dynamite when aligned together. 🧨

How we get results

Our process is to work hand in hand with you, the setup and pitch we use is built with you, so we get you exactly the leads you need and that they are already part way in your sales process. They are hot!

We are boutique. We run a maximum of 40 clients on this service at any time, ensuring a personal touch.

You can cancel this service with zero notice. If you are not happy with the number of leads, the quality of the prospects, just cancel, there is no risk and this ensures we deliver a fabulous service.

Our Responsibilities

We will set the whole system up from A-Z, typically over a 2-week period. We will have an onboarding meeting with you to set up tech, landing pages, text we will use in our outbound channels, search criteria for leads, and suggest improvements to your LinkedIn profile.

We will then start to generate Lead Generation. Typically, this builds over 2 months, to between 50-250 leads per month. We primarily use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, outbound email, webinars and optionally add other channels when useful. Our minimum targets:

Send 3,500 emails per week
150 outbound LinkedIn connections and messages per week
Ensure at least 20 people to attend your monthly webinar
Show you how to convert leads, so you get a minimum of 10 extra sales meetings per month

Your Responsibilities

We require you to have professional subscriptions to, and give us full logon details to:

Calendly Pro – linked to Zoom or Teams
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core – with no other automation tools

We will require from you:

Draft copy for outbound LinkedIn and email messages
Provide draft copy for webinar
Answer all inbound leads promptly, using our guidance
Run a one-hour webinar each month – we will set up

The price of our Lead Generation Service is only $995 per month, with an optional retainer add-on for an additional $400

No contract – cancel any time
Require LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoom or Teams, and Calendly Pro subscriptions

Optional Retainer

We offer an optional retainer which includes a monthly meeting of up to 2 hours so you can get the best value from the leads:

Help with email and LinkedIn copy improvements
Coaching on sales process, call handling, setting meetings, closing, negotiation, presentations, extra lead gen channels
Tool integrations such as CRM, analytics
Referring my personal contacts from my network

Or, you can use the retainer package as a message ansewring service, so we convert inbound leads into sales meetings in your calendar!

Start getting leads now!

Lead Generation Service $995 per month

Lead Generation Service with Retainer $1395 per month

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